Discounted movie tickets being sold here on campus

By: Leticia Muro

With summer blockbusters fast approaching don’t forget to visit the ELAC Student Activities office to buy movie tickets. One of the perks of being a student is being able to purchase reduced price movie and amusement park tickets.

Perhaps it is safe to say that many of the student aren’t familiar with some of the perks they have, being students. Many students go through the academic school year not knowing what is going on other than doing homework and making sure they know when their next registration date is. Somewhere between orientation and the first day of class students forget some of the information that is given to them.

I know this is the case because I too was one of the those students that forgot what I was told during orientation. What occurred was that I was scrolling through the ELAC homepage and clicked on a tab that showed a flyer announcing reduced movie tickets for students. I was in disbelief. How could I have missed this?

How much could the savings really be? What steps are necessary to get a hold of tickets? There had to be a catch. I decided I would attempt to buy tickets and see how much of an inconvenience it would end up being.

The announcement said the Student Activities Office sold tickets Monday through Thursday 8AM-6:30PM and Friday 8AM-4PM. The time frame was ideal. The likelihood of any student being on campus during those hours was very likely, therefore making buying tickets no problem at all. You also had a choice of choosing AMC Theater or Regal Entertainment Group tickets. AMC tickets are $10.75 and the latter being $9.50.

Any of the above mentioned theaters sells tickets online. Go to Fandango and buy a ticket for the Edwards Theater or United Artist, and the total comes to $14.80. Assuming an AMC theater is more convenient the online ticket is $14.49. Buying a ticket at the Student Activities Office saves you anywhere from $4.00 to $5.00, depending on which ticket you buy.

I decided to make the trek over to the Student Activities office. Once I managed to find F5-212 I walked right in. There were two students at the desk speaking to a girl behind the counter. I asked if I could buy movie tickets there and the response was yes. Just as quickly the two guys said, “ You can buy movie tickets here?”

My assumption was thus far correct. I was not the only person who was not aware. These two students who seemed to spend a fair amount of time in the Student Activities Office had not clue about the reduced movie tickets either.

I was told to walk to the back of the office to buy my tickets. As I was handing my money over to purchase two tickets the guy said, “honestly you can buy them even cheaper online.” I was confused. How could they be cheaper online? What I had failed to notice was the website that was listed on the flyer I had seen.

The website that is listed will ask for a student email address and a code, which is listed for you on the flyer. Tickets are listed at $8.25! Needless to say it can’t get any easier or cheaper.

When it comes down to it there are few students who pay attention or remember what they are told are student benefits. It is necessary for students to be engaged. Don’t just go sit through orientation and walk out hearing what is relevant to academic matters. Know that there are things for your pleasure as well. For all students who sometimes don’t take the time to scroll through the tabs, perhaps this would be a good reason to do so. Pay attention, and ask questions. There are bargains out there for the taking.

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