ELAC Artist Strives for Success

By Julio Sanchez

Efrain Esparza is a young artist whose hunger for success makes him strive to make his childhood dream into a psychedelic rockabilly reality.

Born and raised in Boyle Heights, Esparza took all the resources and elements of his life during his childhood through early adulthood in order to develop sketches, ideas and drawings. He has been drawing for over 10 years and has participated and contributed to various events like ‘A Tribe Culture’ and several art walks.

After years of self-teaching, Esparza found himself spending more  time  on his art than in work or school. “I was just trying to find something that I was good at, something that I loved doing, as well as, finding a way to express my thoughts,” Esparza said. “I dedicated my time to getting better. I put more effort in my art than I did in anything else.”

Throughout the years, pages of notebooks filled with doodles and sketches have become prints and sweaters that people line up to buy. “His style is sick. If I could, I’ll buy more of his work but you know how it is with lack of funds,” Moreno, an admirer of Esparza said.   

Esparza, has not always had the best or delightful experiences in selling or even making pieces of his art but that doesn’t stop him from doing what he loves. “I actually did quit once before.” Esparza said.

“I quit once because this person in charge of an art gallery saw a piece of mine, which was actually the most time consuming pieces I’ve done, and he told me to sit somewhere away from his gallery and draw because he didn’t like what I showed him.”

After months of feeling discouraged, Esparza  got back to work and stopped at nothing in order to achieve his dream of being a successful artist. He became more dedicated to his art, which made him develop his skills and continue to make progress in perfecting his artworks.

When speaking about how much better he’s gotten in his work than when he started he stated “At the time, I thought it was really good, but now I see my old work and all I think of is just how off it looks. The progress that I’ve made since I’ve started drawing is ridiculous.”

Esparza’s hunger for success motivates him to go beyond his limits and expectations. “Life is so captivating that certain memories and emotions need to be re-lived. I intend to recreate the unforgettable via art,” Esparza said.

Esparza now spends most of his time evolving in his work by using a variety of  tools and equipment, as well as using different techniques and styles.

Esparza now embraces the fact that not everything that he produces will be a masterpiece, but he does know that if he wants to create a masterpiece, he has to get back to work. Esparza now majors in animation in East Los Angeles College and spends what little free time he has on his art.

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