An enthralling day for the workforce at ELAC

By: Cheyenne Lopez

The day had finally come. the East Los Angeles College 2017 Job & Internship Fair presented by ELAC’s Career & Job Services, kicked off on May 4th at 10 am. I made sure I was dressed appropriately and professionally for the job fair’s dress code. I walked confidently towards the event’s sign-in desk and was greeted by an event staff member who handed two papers to me.

The first paper titled “Hire A Husky: Employer List” that had a vast list of all the employers, internships and companies who were going to be present. Employers ranged from Boyle Heights Beat to Aflac to VITAS Healthcare to Digizone Technology Corp. and the list went on. The second paper was an evaluation form for students to complete once they had gone through the entire job fair. What was really intriguing, was when the event staff exclaimed if students completed the form, they can turn it in at the end to get a chance to win something at their spinning prize wheel.

Upon walking through the event, I noted its size and felt it was rather small, despite the forty-two names of employers mentioned on the event list. Long rows of green ELAC tents and booths were set up with employers anticipating on potential recruits along the main campus’s E-7 quad. The event wasn’t extremely crowded but it had gathered enough people in order to serve its purpose.

Looking around, I was impressed by the diversified crowd of all ages, sizes and races. As I walked around, I noticed a handful of driven students engaging in conversation with employers. It was heartwarming to even see some elderly students roaming around the job fair, determined and in seek of work. The atmosphere as a whole was filled with positive attitudes, smiling faces and hardworking students ready to be successful.

At the end of the day, as a wonderful as the ELAC Job Fair was, there were only a few things I wish ELAC’s Career & Job Services would do better for the next time. I would have like to have seen more employers and internships that were geared towards other majors, like the LAPD for Administrative Justice majors or ACLU for Social Justice/Political Science majors or NASA for Astronomy majors. I also would’ve liked to have seen employers or internships that focused on television and radio programs.

Overall, I feel there just needed to be more inclusivity of other majors at the job fair aside from the popular ones such as Nursing and Child Development. Plus, as the old saying goes: the more the merrier! In the end, I ended up not turning in the evaluation form,but I did enjoy attending ELAC’s Job & Internship Fair and, I definitely will attend the next one to check up for any new updates. I look forward to hopefully seeing more inclusivity of other majors at the next job fair.

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