Several thousand additional troops may be potentially drafted

By: Iomara Guzman

Sending more troops to Afghanistan will have many mothers’ heart broken.

The Senior Trump administration and military officials’ are considering the draft of several thousand of additional troops to Afghanistan, to try to break a military deadlock in the 15 year war there, in pressuring the Taliban to negotiate with the Afghan government.

Meanwhile, many mothers are suffering at home due to their son’s absence. The government’s plan to work with the greater number of Afghan forces, and closer to the front lines will not give these women a warm hope their sons will return safely.

About, “3,000 to 5,000 additional troops, including hundreds of Special Operations forces, could be sent”, American officials have said. Even though, President Trump has yet to decide on his Afghan strategy before a May 25 NATO meeting in Brussels.

The worry and heartbreak will not stop in the mind and hearts of not only mothers but wife’s and children of these men, who have been or will be drafted. Serving the country with pride and honor can be the goal to these men who give up their lives to join the military force and fight for our country’s freedom. However, for the women and children left without a father, son, or husband can be very difficult to overcome.

There has been enough time within those 15 years in this war, to have ended the operation and stabilized the situation under control and had the war ended long time ago. We live in a world in where violence is raising day by day and it is becoming much more unsafe than many years ago.

Will this be the outcome of the people who are running the office? Will the innocence pay the consequence over their actions and decisions? The government should give these women peace and tranquility once there troops have returned.
In a study title: How the U.S Troops Levels in Afghanistan Have Changed Under Obama by Danielle Kurtzleben, concludes over a 12 year period the estimation of troops sent to Afghan when Obama was president.

During Obama first inauguration the statistics showed an increase of 30,000 to 100,000 troops at the peak of 2011. Following the decrease years later in 2013 with 65,000 and just last year with 10,000 troops.

Even though the number of American troops has been reduced the terrifying fact of troops being sent back will continue the recruitment of many more young men to join the force. Wondering when will the U.S ever be in peace and be good with other countries.

The idea of going to war with North Korea is yet another worry and fright to live by. These women will not be in peace until the war is over, and until the troops return back home safely. Mother’s day for these women is not the same. Mother’s day is another holiday in where there boys are away from home, and whom news they do not obtain if whether they are alive or dead.

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