Students returns to ELAC for love of Photography

By Gabriela Reveles

Lisa Lee came back to school to pursue in her hobby in photography. Her hobby that captures a moment and helps her escape from reality.

Lee has a career in Adult protective services, a social worker for the elderly people in the county of Los Angeles.

Prior to becoming a student all she did was go to her usual job on a daily basis. She never really focused on time for herself until this year.

Lee has on specific view of life and says, “You are literally working for the end of your life!”

Lisa Lee made a change in her lifestyle, dedicating time to herself, specifically in photography.

Her interest in photography started when she was a teenager. At the age 16 she was baby-sitting and all the money she would save went to her first camera, a Konica Camera. She says, “I used my first camera till it gave out.”

The past ten years Lee worked her full-time job, as well as working with her brother in the plumbing service, ordering all the material.

It wasn’t the life she wanted, so she joined school to continue her passion in photography.

School came along this spring semester and when she enrolled, she was excited, and nervous.  

Lisa hadn’t gone back to school since she received her degree. The class she joined was digital photography. It wasn’t her lifestyle career, but it was her hobby, what she did on her down time.

Joining digital photography has changed Lisa’s point of view and her general lifestyle   has opened up.

Prior to joining the class she enjoyed taking pictures at bars, but felt like she could never get the lighting right.

She says she spoke to the professor and got tips to improve her pictures.

While taking pictures at bars Lisa would photograph bands just starting their careers.

She got offered to be their photographer but she wouldn’t get paid, only photo credited on their website.

When they offered her the job she couldn’t deny them, she was excited.

A former coworker and good friend, Christina Caldera has known Lisa for two years. Caldara met Lee at work and connected instantly by talking about dogs.

Ever since they met, Caldara thought that Lisa is very helpful and very willing to help anyone.

Caldara sees a sense of humor and a very light hearted women. Calderas says, “She continues to learn anything and she has the desire of photography and pursuers it.”

Lisa’s definition of photography is the ability to capture a live moment and share it. To create and alter it and she can always improve.

Lisa is 50 years old and lives with her elderly mother in a lovely home, along with her two dogs that she adores.

Lisa owns a house in Elysian Valley and a vacant lot in Mount Washington.  She says she is proud for what she has accomplished in her life style.

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