“The Wall” depicts real life war situations

By: Iomara Guzman

C/N Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios

“The wall” A hide and go seek game between two US soldiers and an Iraqi soldier.

The Wall, a story of two American soldiers who come encountered with an unseen specialist marksman. An Iraqi sniper that is more interesting than you can imagine, engages in a conversational form that might not be interesting enough to some viewers. The Wall director Doug Liman who is well known for his incredibly twist on genre material in other films such as “Mr and Mrs Smith, “The Bourne identity”, and many other franchise. The film which was incredibly shot in 14 days in the high desert land of north of Los Ángeles, creates the credibility of the Middle East that will keep you guessing. The film will make you realize and reflect on the danger all soldiers go through every day. The film knows when to add suspense and emotion into the viewers thanks to Dwain Worrell, the screenwriter of the film who does the engagement of the audience to sustain its interest in the entire film. The suspense rises as the two soldiers are in the territory of the enemy. Even though is not based on a true story many of the scenes can be relevant to what happens in the similar situations soldiers have during a war. The movie has a quick turnaround as two soldiers go through a routine patrol in where it becomes a hide and go seek game with an elite Iraqi sniper. It’s 2007, and it’s known to believe the War between Iraq and the U.S is over, therefore; the two sniper American soldiers cannot continue this ongoing stand still of a 22 hours over watch. Tired of lying down on a flat position in the hot skies of Iraq, the two American soldiers are in believed the site is free from harm. Sergeant Shane Mathews (WWE star John Cena) comes impatient in the heavy camouflage armor and proceeds to collect the radios of the patrolman that were heavily gun down. Cena thought to be a main character of the film has a surprising dramatic role. In comparison to 12 rounds this film is much more different and somewhat similar to other films Cena has portrayed. Viewers will be amazed on the role he plays in this film. The high tension standoff between the elite and its opponents escalates, and the viewers will not know who the mystery shooter is. Through the film it is well known the shooter is a well trained Iraqi sniper, the underestimating of its location will bring the viewers surprised. An unexpected radio conversation between Sergeant Allen Issac (Aaron Taylor Johnson) and the unknown Iraqi is the most enjoyable part of the film to its viewers, bringing some laughs and guesses in where his location might be. The conversation between both men will create a doubt and suspicion about the shooters past and the elaborate ambush. The scenario can be unpleasant to some viewers for the reason in where the movie takes place. For fans of war movies this film will not bring as ongoing action and as other films. Including, the surprising number of cast played throughout the movie.

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