School Safety Zones for Undocumented Students without Petition

By Jennifer Rodriguez

Safety zones for undocumented students in the Los Angeles Community College District should automatically be implemented without a petition needed to be signed.

With the new president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, there has been talk about immigration in this country. More specifically, there has been bashing and threats against undocumented immigrants. Shortly after Trump’s inauguration into presidency, we started seeing these talks go into action.

Across the country, many of us heard of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids that were occurring. Unfortunately, we heard many cases of people being deported. This was especially the case for those with criminal records.

As the news of ICE raids occurred, I received multiple emails from my job with the LACCD., ELAC and El Camino College, and the catholic school my brother goes to. All emails stated that undocumented students were safe in their facilities.

Recently on campus, I was sitting in one of the study rooms of the E3 building. As I sat there, two young ladies came in and made their way around the study area.

As they approached me, they asked if I wanted to sign a petition to make all Los Angeles Community College District colleges safe for undocumented students. Without hesitation, I signed the petition.

After signing the petition, I felt perplexed about this because I assumed that all LACCD colleges were safe zones.

ELAC  already has these rights insured. On our school website, a page titled, “Welcome to AB540 Student Information” states that “East Los Angeles College is committed to serving all students including our AB540/Undocumented student community.”

The page has many links to resources for undocumented students on campus, off campus, and other universities. It also shares links to information about AB540 students on campus.

I definitely agree that undocumented students should feel safe in our campus. At the end of the day, if they are in a college campus, it must be to obtain a better education for the better of this community.

I would like to know that as my sister is sitting in her class, she would not be pulled out by an ICE agent. My sister is in fear that even in her own school, she is not safe.

A place where she comes to learn and become a better person in this country where she is not a citizen. I’m pretty sure the rest of the students here on campus feel the same way knowing that there is a good amount of undocumented students here on campus.

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