Walker’s hard work lands him an athletic scholarship

By: Michael Dominguez

Sophomore guard Sequan Walker earned a scholarship to California State University of Los Angeles Division II men’s basketball team. Walker was one of four players to average double digit points this season at East Los Angeles College.

Walker averaged 13.6 points overall and 16.3 points per game in the South Coast Conference – North.

He was one of the key players for ELAC this season who led the team to 23 wins overall this season and made it to the third round of playoffs.

Walker averaged 6.9 points per game with two starts last season and started 30 games this season.

His hard work earned him a spot on the Cal State LA men’s basketball team next fall after he graduates this spring with a degree in sociology.

“Sociology has helped me see the floor better and knowing how react to different situations and help me continue to be a better player,” said Walker.

TRANSITION POINTS—Sequan Walker picks up his dribble as he looks to rise up against an El Camino Compton Center defender in the March 3 win in the Southern California Regional final game. C//N Linares

Watching Los Angeles native and NBA superstar James Harden has helped mold Walker’s game due to the leadership skills displayed on the court and the ability to take over when needed.

Walker is the first of his family to graduate from college. He also has aspirations of being drafted and playing in the NBA.

He could possibly achieve that dream with the help of his soon to be head coach at Cal State LA Jim Sala. Sala ,who coached such NBA stars like Nick Young and Baron Davis was also an assistant coach at University of Southern California Los Angeles.

Walker said he felt he would have to adjust to the speed and physicality of being at a Division two school.

Walker also said that the coaching staff at ELAC has made him a better player on and off the court.

He feels he could be a leader for his team once he arrives at Cal State LA and can improve his defensive skills and conditioning.

“He’s a pretty good shooter and I felt he was a team leader for us this season. I feel he’s going to do a good job at Cal State LA next season,” said Walker’s teammate, freshman small forward, Frank Bertz.

In a feature done on Walker by Tyler Hendrickson to Cabrillo High School basketball head coach Dwayne Williams on the Long Beach Gazette on Jan 13 2015 said, “Walker has been a target of criticism and trash talk. That’s a mistake, since it only gets Walker fired up to play harder.”

Walker said he doesn’t think he is a trash talker, but is just very competitive.

Walker says he plans on earning a doctorate degree when his basketball career is over.

“Great kid! It was a pleasure to not only have him be an integral part of our men’s basketball team’s success, but he was a tremendous student in my Health class. We can never have enough kids like him in our Athletic Department, or on our campus,” said Athletic Director Allen Cone. Walker said he would like his time at ELAC to be remembered as being a great person on and off the court.

“They (Coaches) kept me going to class. I will miss the people at ELAC,” said Walker.

Walker will finish his time as a Husky on June 6 as he walks across the stage to receive his degree in sociology.

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