A local Chinese restaurant hit in South Gate

By: Diana Garcia

Dragon Loco, a Chinese restaurant tucked into the corner of Long Beach, in South Gate, has both great service and mouth watering dishes.

Although it is a small restaurant,the workers and the amazing food are enough to please any customer.

Crispy, bone-in wings, topped with spicy, green jalapenos and followed by a side of delicious white fried rice may be the perfect meal to ease off after a long day, or you may be in the mood for a bowl full of freshly prepared chow mein.

Dragon Loco will treat customer hunger and won’t hurt their wallet.

Dragon Loco offers a huge variety of food to their customers, all ranging affordable prices.

The highest price for a meal is $30.99, a family meal that feeds five to six people, possibly more.

One of Dragon Loco’s most famous appetizers are the 8 piece chicken wings which customers love because they are only $6.99.

Customers also have the opportunity to choose from beef, chicken, or shrimp, served with steamed rice for $7.99. Everything else on the menu is $9.99 or below.

Roselynne Lam, 25, the daughter of the current owners, has been working at Dragon Loco for two years, and she always takes orders with a bright smile.

Lam, like other employees, care about their customers and is always sure to ask how their meals are, even on their busiest days.

“I love how the Chow Mein here is always freshly made with love, you can just taste it. You simply can’t compare it at all to the one at Panda. I love it how I can just call to take my order and once I pick it up it’s still nice and warm,” Jennifer Castillo, a customer at Dragon Loco, said.

“I come to Dragon Loco at least three times a month because the food is so good. I love the chicken wings. I would rate this restaurant a nine because there’s great service and great food,” Javier Herevia, a local customer, said.

Dragon Loco is open from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.. It offers the opportunity for customers to order online for pickup or delivery.

Once you try Dragon Loco, you will want to go back and try everything else.

WINGIN’ IT—Dragon Loco’s delicious chicken wings with jalapeños on top. This plate is usually followed with a side of freshly prepared chow mein. C/N Diana Garcia

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