Softball player heads to the Midwest

By: Kevin Camacho

Alexis Lazaro received a softball scholarship to Midland University to study physical therapy after two years of playing at East Los Angeles College.

“Once I decided to go to ELAC and play softball here, I knew that was going to happen,” said Lazaro. According to Lazaro, this is the hardest moment in her life.

“(The) stress of just transferring (is a lot, because of) the nervousness I (have) to pass my classes,” said Lazaro.

Lazaro’s family is very supportive of her decisions, because she is the first in her family to attend a private university at her age.

Lazaro’s athletics skills are something that has been passed down for generations.

“I found out last year that my grandpa was a minor league professional baseball player in Mexico,” said Lazaro. She also added her grandpa was a boxer,” said Lazaro.

Lazaro finds it amusing that she is seen as a miniature version of her grandpa, because she followed her grandpa’s path without even knowing.

Lazaro started playing softball at the age of eight.

She was not always a softball player.

Before she played softball, she played soccer, football and boxed.

Lazaro’s father supported her at a young age. He never forced Lazaro to play a particular sport.

He wanted Lazaro to discover her favorite sport by herself.

Lazaro, being the only child, sees her father as a role model, even though her father may not notice it.

She sees how much her father struggled because he had to worry about Lazaro at a very young age.

“We went from living in our aunt’s [home], to living in our own apartment and now living in our own house,” said Lazaro

“Now we’re moving to San Francisco because he got a promotion.”

According to Lazaro, aside from her family struggles, her passion for softball has always impacted her life.

“ When I was younger it [softball] influenced my sleep, because I always had practice. In high school it influenced my talent. In college, it truly influenced my education. It just influence [d] [me] my whole life,” said Lazaro.

According to Lazaro, coaches and fans have doubted her as a softball player because of her size, but she did not let that overtake her.

In high school, she was the first freshman on the varsity team.

“It really wasn’t intimidating because size really doesn’t matter. If you just have enough fundamentals, you don’t have to have all the muscle,” said Lazaro.

“[People would] end up going to the nice field and see me with all these tall 18-year-olds and here comes this little 14-year-old about to go up against her.”

It was at this moment where Lazaro found her true skills for softball.

Lazaro noticed that she does not need to be given the title of a captain to make a difference in the team.

“I felt like I didn’t need to have to be a captain to show my place. I did my job. People listen to me. People asked me for advice [and] I gave it,” said Lazaro.

From not knowing what to do after high school, to playing at ELAC for two years, Lazaro is on her way to following her dreams in the Midwest.

Although growing up was a nightmare since a young age, she finds it [growing up] scary, yet exciting.

“I know it’s really scary. Knowing that the only way that you really succeed [is] when you’ve actually had enough responsibilities to say that you are grown,” Lazaro said.

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