King Arthur’s retelling may be too fast paced

By: Alejandro Lara

“King Arthur: Legend of the Sword,” directed by Guy Richie, is a film filled with action, adventure, computer generated images and comedic sequences.

Starring Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur, who is well known for his role as Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy, and Jude Law as Vortigern.

This film has everything that an action-seeking moviegoer can imagine. The comedic scenes are sometimes untimely and awkward, but it fits the type of directing that Guy Richie portrays in his films.

The struggle for power between the two characters, Hunnan as the antagonist and Law as the evil uncle, had the audience captivated.

The story of King Arthur of Camelot tells of the struggle that Arthur goes through. He rises up from the ashes after his uncle usurped the throne from Arthur’s father and his brother, Uther Pendragon.

Arthur was raised in a brothel and grew up in the slums while protecting his friends. Having nightmares every night, Arthur uses the hatred towards his uncle as motivation to take back the kingdom from the tyrannous rule of his uncle. It wasn’t easy for Arthur because he had to find the courage to fight back with the help of his companions.

There are certain parts of the movie that are cinematic masterpieces thanks to the technology being used.

Courtesy of Warner Brothers

There are a lot of different sceneries from mountains, to towers, to forests that were used to set up key scenes in the film. What this movie portrayed was the director’s vision in the story of King Arthur, with Richie adding in his own directing style.

Some people would feel a little weary about the way the movie was made. It was a fast-paced film with a lot of CGI and action sequences.

The lead actor’s physique helps tell the story of the struggles he had to overcome growing up from a scrawny young boy to a strong dependable man. His cocky and arrogant attitude proved that.

King Arthur really cared about the well-being of his friends and the safety of the kingdom when it was time to take action and step up. Some of the scenes were all over the place and they dragged out a bit too much.

What is done really well is the use of the CGI and the acting by the lead roles. Jude Law was magnificent as the evil uncle taking the crown at any cost, while Charlie Hunnam does a good job at portraying a boy who grew up to save the kingdom. “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” is a fun movie with a lot of action and little hints of comedy. It is flashy with a star-studded cast that works well together.

For people who don’t like obvious endings and a lot of camera movement, this film is not for you.

For a movie with a $102 million budget, it gets the job done.

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