Men’s Leadership Club takes first place at 4th Annual Husky Bowl

By: Melisa Bivian

Associated Student Union approved clubs came together last Thursday in the quad in front of the S2 building to compete for first-place at the fourth annual Husky Bowl.

Competitors race d against the clock to get the fastest time against their opponents by running into the obstacle course jumper. Clubs participated in ASU’s events while the students in attendance cheered on their friends and family that competed.

After two hours of competing, contestants used the games and photo booth as the scores were tallied.

The Men’s Leadership club won first place, by a large margin with 65 points. In second place was the Sociology Club with 35 points and in third

place was the Administration of Justice club with 30 points. With only two months since being founded, MLC raised their first-place trophy.

“We wanted to get our name known and to build our reputation. The Husky Bowl was the first chance we had, and we took it,” MLC member, Uriel Gonzalez said. MLC hope to return to next year’s Husky Bowl to defend their title.

“We literally told them we have nothing for this upcoming week. So I’m going to sign y’all up for the Husky Bowl. That was it, no prior training,” Vice President of the Sociology Club Juliette Moore said.

SPRING FUN— Club participants of annual Husky Bowl compete against one another in the water relay. This was one out of the six events. C/N Michael Dominguez

It was the first time that the Sociology Club participated in the Husky Bowl.

VP Moore said she hopes that next year’s members will participate once again as this was the last year for the participating members of the club.

The Husky Bowl consisted of six different events which were obstacle course, matching huskies, panty hose bowling and dunking a person in water.

Points were only awarded to the top three winners of each event. First place earned three points, second earned two points and third earned one point.

ASU gave those in attendance free nachos, popcorn, cotton candy and snow cones.

“It was fun,” ASU’s executive vice president Brittany Ramirez said.

“Two games were brought back from last year. Next year it’ll depend on the new EVP. It could be completely identical or different.” The games for next year’s event may or may not be the same as this year’s events.

Many of the clubs that participated in this year’s games said they hope to participate next year.

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