New movie, Snatched, to disappoint comedy seekers

By: Joseph Dargan

Courtesy of 20th Century Fox


After planning a vacation for two, socially awkward Emily, played by Amy Shumer, is suddenly dumped by her boyfriend and forced to invite her overprotective mom Linda, played by Goldie Hawn, on what would become the jungle adventure of a lifetime.

With the overuse of dull-witted, lowbrow humor and the occasional predictable gag, “Snatched”, unfortunately falls short of comedy gold.

Hawn’s performance is solid while Shumer’s comedic attempts seem painfully forced at times. The supporting cast of quirky characters, played by the likes of Wanda Sykes, Christopher Maloni and Ike Barinholtz bring much needed life to the film as there are dull spots that Shumer and Hawn have trouble overcoming on there own.

Ultimately, this movie will generate a chuckle here and there, but if a classic knee-slapper is what you seek, be prepared for disappointment.

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