Psychology Department hosts open house featuring student film

By Gisselle Palomera

The Psychology Department hosted its fourth annual open house featuring a student-made film last Thursday at the G3 Foyer.

The 10 minute film highlighted how addiction can affect anyone at any time.

The film begins with a student named Marlon being pressured to party and drink by his classmates.

Marlon is uninterested in this and refuses because he wants to focus on everything he’s been working so hard for in school and as a star football player.

Marlon gets home to an abusive and alcoholic father who treats him poorly and does not recognize all of Marlon’s efforts to do good.

Hurt by his relationship with his father, Marlon agrees to going to the party his classmates invited him too.

At the party he drinks and quickly becomes addicted to that lifestyle. Later in the film, Marlon becomes a seven year addict and then a ten year addict.

He drops all of the offers from universities to play football and stops going to school.

He becomes an addict while his friends continue their lives, ignoring the fact that they were partially responsible for enabling Marlon to party and binge drink.

This was made clear throughout the movie when Marlon shows up at the house of one of his former classmates and asks to hangout with him but they refuse since they had moved on from that lifestyle.

PSYCHOLOGY PSYCHOS— Psychology Club Co-presidents Aimee Enriquez (left) and Anthony Roblez alongside spokesperson Randy Ludwig, rocked out in the name of psychology last Thursday at the G3 Foyer. C/N Gabriela Reyes

The short-film ended with astudent from The Addictions Program at ELAC extending her hand towards Marlon as she helps him get the help he needs.

“We were so short on time I thought we weren’t going to pull it off, but everyone worked so hard and put in their time that it came out far better than I expected,” Javier Perez, the film’s director, says.

Perez is a psychology major and is part of the Psychology Club.

The film was directed by Perez and written by Professor Randy Ludwig.

Students from National Alliance on Mental Illness and Students Against Substance Abuse also collaborated for the film. Students seeking to be Addiction Counselors can join the Addictions Studies Program on Campus.

The Psychology Department wanted to make this video to raise awareness for the Addiction Studies program on campus which trains students to become Addictions Councelors.

The Psychology Club: South Gate and Main Campus as well as the Sociology Club, Statistics Club, Vision Club, Students Against Substance Abuse, Psi Beta, National Alliance of Mental Illness all collaborated to make this open house possible.

Also present were representatives from the Career Center, the Transfer Center, The Women’s and Men’s Support Center, Veterans Center and Health Center.

Two students shared their transfer success stories one year after transfering from ELAC.

Vanessa Ramirez, who transferred to California State University Los Angeles and Karen Moreno, who transferred to University California Los Angeles shared their transfer success stories as Psychology Majors.

Ramirez and Moreno encouraged the attendees to pursue the career they are most interested in and to not feel discouraged by the amount of work.

“I had to retake classes when I transferred and I know a lot of things didn’t turn out the way I wanted… don’t let that stop you,” Ramirez said.

“Talk to your professors now. It’s so hard to stand out to them once Thursday at the G3 Foyer.

you transfer because you’re in a class with 296 other students just like you,” Moreno said.

Perez encouraged students wanting to learn more to use the resources available.

“Students interested in the addiction program can pick up a pamphlet from the Psychology office,” Perez said.

The addiction program is lead by Chairman Lisa Vartanian, Ph.D. Psychology Department 323-265- 8741 located in F6-316A


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