Men’s soccer looks forward to upcoming season

Dribbling- Returning player Luis Alvarado dribbles the ball in the men’s soccer team’s practice at the Weingart Stadium.

By Jordan Elias 

The men’s soccer team’s main goal for the upcoming season is to qualify to playoff, after two season of not doing so.

“The goal of this season is to go to Playoff,” said head coach Eddie Flores.

I feel great and ready. I feel like this season more determined players will come to play”, said sophomore forward Luis Alvarado.

The overall of the last season was 2-10-9, and it was the worst season in the last three years. Alvarado explain that they failed to get a win, score a goal and to concentrate during games last season.

“The lack of self discipline was a major factor and something really important that I have learned from last year. I’m ready to change that, to have a better season this year,” said Alvarado.

The new soccer players that come to the team this season,  Alvaro said that he would like for the players to have their own discipline.  

“I want them to have the mentality to win as much as I do,” he said. . “If we’re all on the same page we can achieve greatness. I want the team to be as prepared as they can be for whatever come out our way. This year should be a great one,” said Alvarado.

Not too many sophomore soccer players will continue in the team this season, but Alvarado doesn’t feel like a leader. “No, not at all. I wouldn’t consider myself a leader, I’m just here like the rest to give everything for the team as anyone else would,”said Alvarado.  

“I have more responsibility simply because this year can determine my future with this sport, but if anyone sees me like a leader then I’d be happy to help,” said Alvarado.

Coaches have the difficult task of finding new players.  “We have a lot of hard work during this year, identifying players who can come for the team, we will see who are the ones who can finally come in,” said Flores.

Every year there are some players that come from different countries. “We have three players from Chile and one from Argentina, and if we work hard and practice hard, I think we can do a good season,” said Flores.

“I have spoken with their parents, we have seen videos of them on the internet. If they can arrange the documents and arrive on time, they will join the team,” said Flores.

It is possible that players from other colleges will come play at ELAC. “There are three players who are going to come, who have played at other colleges. One is from Pasadena, one from Cerritos and one from Long Beach, they have played 22 games in college, so that experience will help a lot”, said Flores.

“The goal to this season is clear. The team will try to get into the Playoffs…Last year was very difficult, many injuries during the season. You can not compete when you do not have many injured players,”said Flores.  

“We also scored few goals, we got to the goal (post) many times but we did not convert, so the goal for this year is go to the Playoffs,”said Flores.

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