Women’s soccer have big hopes of to win title

By Stephanie Guevara 

After a rough previous season, the women’s soccer seek to rebuild and win their conference division title.

“My goal would be to be league champ or be a contender,” head coach Tessa Troglia said.

Since the Huskies have never won a conference division title, Troglia said her goal was to make the team a contending team.

In the previous season, the Huskies struggled in many areas, but their biggest struggle was the forward position.

One of Troglia’s goals for the new season is to find a forward that will finish the plays by scoring.

In an interview with Campus News on October Troglia said the team wasn’t scoring and they didn’t seem to be improving on that.

“One of the things that we have to improve is finishing. We have to finish the opportunities we create. We fight all throughout the game, but at the end of the day we don’t win,” Troglia said in an interview with Campus News.

The Huskies ended their season 2-12-7 overall and 1-2-5 in their conference. Both wins were away games.

Part of the team’s struggle was because they were placed in a new conference with teams of a higher rank. Troglia arranged the team’s preseason by matching them with difficult teams so if the Huskies would win, they would earn more points.

However, Troglia said she didn’t realize that she was heading into a new and difficult conference.

“I think I staked my schedule so much without really taking into account that we were also going to be in a super competitive conference. So that’s why we struggled,” Troglia said.

Troglia said the team will have a lot more returning player than the previous season, which will help the team because they will have the experience to play in a tough conference.

The soccer team has also acquired two new assistant coaches that Troglia said will help in recruiting and reformatting the team.

“I add two new coaches to the staff, which are exceptional. By having their expertise and their experience, they helped bring in some great athletes. It helps me free up so that I can focus more on, not only in the entire team’s dynamic, but also getting the sophomores and figuring out how their grades are so they can transfer out to a four year university,” Troglia said.

Troglia also said she wants to help the sophomore more academically in the upcoming season because she wants to work more with them.

According to Troglia the previous season was one of the worst seasons the women’s team has ever had, therefore she expects the new season to be better because they team will be more experienced.

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