Less parking for more pay

By: Dominique Vargas

At East Los Angeles College, the $2 parking pass should be valid on all parking structures on campus. 

The end of spring 2017 marks the end of my fourth year attending ELAC, for the first three years I put forth the money for a parking permit.

I would pay $27 every semester to be allowed to park wherever there was student parking available.

These past two semesters I was unable to get the parking permit so I had to pay for a $2 parking pass every day I came to school.

My school schedule is regularly Monday through Thursday.

So $2 per day, for four days a week, just for four months of fall equals $128.

This means, not including the weeks in August fall semester at ELAC includes, I paid over four times more than the cost of a parking permit. 

My problem is not the amount of money I wasted on parking.

My problem rests with the limited areas of the parking structures, the $2 parking pass allow students to park.

It does not seem fair to limit the availability of space to students whom pay exceedingly more for the same thing with added restrictions.

It would be justifiable to repeal the restrictions the $2 parking pass comes with to save students the time and worry that comes with thinking, “I won’t have enough time to make it to class” from where we are essentially forced to park.

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