OPINION: Facebook: a feeder of lies or help?

By Stephanie Guevara

I’m a millennial and I love Facebook.

Facebook has been deemed as a negative source of information, but we forget that the reason it was created was to improve our way of communicating.

Not too long ago, people had to buy international phone cards to speak to family members abroad. With Facebook’s video chats and voice calls, communication is now easier than ever.

When I was a kid my mom had to buy packs of international cards to speak with relatives in El Salvador, but after Facebook added video chat, there was no need to waste money on them.

Communication through Facebook has only gotten better with time, and when disasters occur, this is more evident.

Facebook created a feature where users who are located in disaster areas can mark themselves safe to let Facebook friends know they’re okay.

This feature was helpful after the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada Sunday night during a music festival.

Facebook users have also posted phone numbers where people with missing family members in Las Vegas can call to locate them, which is also an efficient form of communication.

Facebook is often the first source of news to its 1.18 billion users.

Although recent declarations antagonize Facebook, it’s a platform where people can help the world community in times of need.

After the recent earthquake in Mexico devastated the city and surrounding areas and hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico in a state of desperation, Facebook pages were created to donate money to aid survivors.

Facebook itself donated $1 million to assist victims of the earthquake in Mexico.

When Facebook is used properly, we can contribute without having to leave our homes.

Global organizations that help victims of natural disasters can be found on Facebook.

The United Nations Children’s Fund’s (UNICEF) Facebook page has a donate button where users can donate money for children in need.

Before Facebook, the way to reach these organizations was through email or by calling their phone numbers, which could be complicated sometimes.

UNICEF also created two specific pages to aid victims in Mexico and Puerto Rico.

If  Facebook was a unless medium that only transmits fake news and misinformation, all these places in need wouldn’t receive help as quickly.

Aside from being a place where relative and friends can communicate, Facebook can be used to plan events with its events system.

Through Facebook events, large numbers of people can be invited to certain events without having to mail invitations.

When Hillary Clinton came to East Los Angeles College in the Spring of 2016, her arrival was announced on Facebook.

The announcement brought many people to campus, where they live-streamed the protest through Facebook so that a larger audience who couldn’t be on campus could witness it.

Despite having a bad reputation, Facebook is a great medium that millennials love.

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