Political science mixer prepares students for transfer

LAW TALK—Dr. Kenneth Chaiprasert discusses the Pathway to Law School transfer program with students in attendance at the political science mixer Thursday.

By Kevin Camargo

The Political Science Department sponsored an event Thursday for students interested in Political Science as a major.

The event offered food and drinks, while transfer mentors Justine Gutierrez and Nick Bravo handed out East Los Angeles College bags with information about the Transfer Center, inside.

“There’s about nine or ten of us there that work at the transfer center that can support you (and) get (you) through the applications, whether that’s UCs, CSUs, privates (or) anything like that. Come in and speak with us,” said Bravo.

Bravo encouraged students to schedule appointments with counselors to develop an educational plan to get on the right track to transfer.

Once the transfer mentors finished their presentation, political science teachers talked about opportunities in the field.

The professors who spoke at the event included Dr. Kenneth Chaiprasert, assistant professor of Political Science, Rogelio Garcia, political science instructor, Felipe Agredano, adjunct faculty political science and Dr. Natalina Monteiro, professor of political science.

“We’re here for all of you to get to know us, use us as resources and to also know what the discipline of political science (is) and what you can do with it,” said Dr. Kenneth Chaiprasert, an assistant professor of political science, during the event.

Chaiprasert thinks that graduating and transferring with an Associates in Arts for Transfer in Political Science from ELAC can open up doors, even in different fields.

The professors also encouraged students to participate in clubs such as the Model United Nations, ESPA (ELAC Students for Political Awareness), a study abroad program and Pathway To Law School Transfer Program.

“ELAC is one of the few community colleges in California that (has) a program associated, partnered and sponsored by the Bar Association of California, where if you graduate with this program under your belt, you get a certificate from the Bar                                               Association of California,” said Chaiprasert, who is also the Coordinator of the Pathway to Law School Transfer Program.

ELAC has  six law schools that they contract with that will take the certificate into                                      consideration to make it easier get into the schools.

According to Chaiprasert, the program takes students to law schools and courtrooms and matches them with lawyers that mentor them  to see what the law is like, and what lawyers and judges do.

“Then, you’re able to decide for yourself whether you want to be a lawyer. Or if you don’t want to be a lawyer, at least you got a certificate at the end of the process (which) looks great on your resume,” said Chaiprasert.

Although this is the second year this event has ever occurred, the professors plan to continue to have these workshops at least once a semester.

“We want students to leave the event with an appreciation of how politics affects everything around us,” said Chaiprasert. “We hope that the event gave students valuable knowledge about how to remain politically active and engaged throughout their lives.”

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