Women’s soccer routed in conference game

All Mine—Sophomore Jennifer Toledo (9) fights Chaffey College player off for possession of the ball at Weingart Stadium. c/n Noe Ortega

By Stephanie Guevara

A lack of offensive presence and a defensive lapse caused Women’s soccer to lose, 7-0, to Chaffey College on Friday at Weingart Stadium.

“Chaffey freshman forward Nicole Downing opens the score after an encounter with ELAC freshman goalkeeper Adriana Huerta, where Huerta was unable to stop the ball from going inside.

“We struggled in knowing when they were going to make through balls.

“We were beat on speed. I felt like we could’ve been quicker,” ELAC sophomore forward Jennifer Toledo said.

Chaffey’s shutdown surprised the Huskies, which reflected after the third goal because ELAC stopped attacking.

In the third goal, Chaffey sophomore forward Melanie Lopez beat ELAC’s defense in speed.

She ran the right wing to shot on goal, where the ball went under new Husky goalkeeper freshman Julia Rivera.

“We had a breakdown in the back, and after that everything went downhill. I didn’t see the result being 7-0,” Troglia said.

ELAC finished the first half 3-0. In the beginning of the second half, ELAC had seemed to be attacking a bit more. In minute 49 of the game Husky freshman forward Breanna Sandoval shot a free kick on goal that almost resulted in a goal.

“I think we started off strong, but toward the end we kind of let everything go down,” Sandoval said. Chaffey’s last goals were scored because of a lack of communication from ELAC’s defense.

One of the goals was scored because ELAC couldn’t get the ball away from the keeper’s area. Chaffey took advantage of that and scored.

“Communication is key, and I felt like we lacked communication,” Toledo said. Chaffey analyzed ELAC’s many errors and played on them.

“We came in with a game plan to play a certain style because we knew what ELAC would bring in the game,” Chaffey assistant coach Daniel Fox said.

The Huskies now stand 0-3-1 in conference play and 3-6-1 overall.

They will receive Gold West College at 2 p.m.

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