Effort aside, ‘Destiny 2’ fails to engage

By Gustavo Buenrostro

An improved story, impressive graphics but hollow content make Destiny 2 a disappointing follow-up to its predecessor.

“Destiny 2” did a great job at addressing the “Destiny” community complaints that plagued the first game, one of the biggest being the story.

Where the first game had non-engaging story, “Destiny 2” made the effort of telling a story where the player cares about what happens to the character. The main villain, named Ghaul, takes the powers of the Guardians, the protectors of Earth, by trapping the source of their power, called the Traveler. The story focuses on Guardians restoring their powers and retaking the Traveler from Ghaul.  Once the player finishes the main campaign, there are other activities in the world of “Destiny 2” that will keep the player occupied. Adventures are side missions that world-build the already expansive world by introducing new mysteries and characters. Crucible is the multiplayer where players fight other players.

The graphics in “Destiny 2” are an improvement from its last installment. The previous game had to cater to two generations of consoles. The previous generation consoles were the Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 while the current generation are the Playstation 4 and XBOX One. Having to work on both hinderd game developer Bungie’sability to have great graphics. But with “Destiny 2,” they did not have to deal with that and it showed with bigger maps and detailed graphics within the planets.

Photo Courtesy of bungie

The music is also a big plus. One of the best segments in the game is when the players Guardian is powerless and they have to escape the Last City, the home place of Guardians, the song “Journey” by Michael Salvatori, the game’s composer, plays. The music begins with a sole violin as the Guardian makes its way through the wilds. The music swells as the Guardian fights off Ghual’s minions, called the Red legion. The feeling evoked from the segment was heroic and inspiring.

The game falls short, however, with its content. Once a player has finished the campaign, and all the adventures, there is not much more for a player to do.

There is no incentive for a player to do any of the other activities. There is an objective called nightfall, where players get higher level armor and weapons. However, there is no reason to get them. Bungie is a company that prides itself on giving players something to do and making sure the player gets something out of the hours they play the game. Bungie took two steps forward but took three leaps back, as the first game did not lack this.

“Destiny 2” has amazing graphics and music, and a good story but with no incentive to do the activities in the game, “Destiny 2” is a disappointment. “Destiny 2” is available on PS4, XBOX One and personal computers.

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