Alumni choreographers return for 5th member concert


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Graceful technique and sharp turns, The Let’s Dance Company came together to create a beautiful showcase to present their dance moves for friends and families.

The dancers who performed demonstrated their hard work over the past 12 weeks. Each performance was a different dance ranging from different types of genres in music.

What made this showcase different from past Member Choreography Concerts is that this year the company reached out to different Let’s Dance Company alumni spanning over the course of fifteen years. Ten choreographers who are heavily involved in the dance world as instructors, choreographers, performers and directors, in both commercial and educational dance settings.

These ten alumni’s were selected to choreography on current Let’s Dance Company members.  Some songs were more upbeat with high tempos, having the dancer move faster in their dance moves. Other songs were slower tempo with graceful and delicate intricate footwork and dance steps.

As you watched from the audience, right off the bat the dancers came out with electric energy and vibrant dancing. The first dance was CARE FOR YOU, choreographed by Eric Melgoza and the song was “Earned It” by The Weeknd. A mixture of twenty-one male and female student dancers performed to this dance.

Opening their show with this song made the audience feel some type of way! You could feel the passion in the dance moves and it intrigued you to want more. The dance YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL “Young and Beautiful “by Lana Del Rey, choreographed by Alejandra Gudino. This dance was slow and the dance moves were graceful and delicate. The dance EH RECORRIDO  “Ojos Asi” by Shakira, choreographed by Bayardo Rodriquez.

This song was very high tempo with sultry dance moves . As well as the dance NO REGRETS “Human” by Christina Perri, choreographed by Anthony Gutierrez. This performance was very graceful and delicate Throughout every performance depending on the beat of the song and tempo the lighting was hitting and pin-pointing every dance move.

If the song was faster the lights were brighter and if the song was slow and calm the lighting was dim and soft. This allowed the audience to feel the rhythm of the music. The costumes were also worn depending on the theme of the song.

Some outfits were bright and body hugging, while others were sexier or flowing creating this art form of the body with the dance moves.  The last and final performance was the dance FANTASY, “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics, choreographed by Anthony Gutierrez. This performance was like the opening dance, very fun energy, and fast flirtatious dance moves.

It was of Cabaret theme performance, the dancers wore corsets and stockings and long sleeve gloves, bringing the Cabaret feel to the stage. Ending the showcase with a bang, the student dancers were proud standing on stage as the audience cheered them on.

The Let’s Dance Company mission is to “represent a diverse group of prestigious dancers with multi-cultural backgrounds who are passionate and committed to their talent, work and future endeavors. Years of refined disciplinary skills contribute towards their accomplishments in rehearsals, performances and academic goals.” The Let’s Dance Company could not be done alone without the help of Company Artistic Director Kimberly Rabins, Company Co-Director Kristin Reutimann, and Company Rehearsal Assistant Breanne Genite.

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