Inspiring single mother of four beats stigmas

By Jackelyn Dubon

Aracely Vasquez is a woman who overcomes any obstacle that comes her way and is a prime example of a mom who does it all.

Aracely Vasquez, who goes by “Sally,” is not just your average ELAC student. She is also a single mother of four children and works full-time. She is working on getting her Associates Degree in Computer Application Office Technology.

She is a part-time student. Most of the classes she takes are online but she also takes night classes. She has been attending ELAC for a few years now and although it is taking her some time to finish up her degree, she would like to transfer to her dream school, which is USC or her second option which is Cal State LA.

Some of the struggles that she has faced as a student have been that some of the classes that she needs are not offered, and that sets her back from finishing her degree. She has also struggled to pay for books, getting money to buy the parking pass, and not having enough gas to attend her classes.  

As a mom and a provider, Sally must go by three schedules. Her work schedule, Isaac’s (her youngest song) school schedule and her daughter Asenia’s (youngest child) private school schedule. Time management has become one of her skills. “I make sure to spend time with them when there’s a holiday,” stated Sally.

Her eldest son Richard Martinez, describes her as being “very caring and sensitive to other people’s situations.” And he added that “she looks out for her kids and is very dedicated with anything she does.”

She lived and grew up in an environment where her community and her teachers would tell her that she would either end up pregnant or work on a low paying job. “She’s a strong individual who knows how to handle her own” said Richard.

Not only does she have to fight the stigmas in her cultural background but she also fights the stigmas of work, where “white males with degrees dominate the industry,” said Richard.

Richard mentioned that it has been extremely hard for Sally to be a mom, student and a provider. “She’s a strong individual and is very dedicated.” Richard stated that he admires everything about his mom. “She makes opportunities happen in the most adverse situation, no matter how bad the situation is.”

Silvia Islava, Sally’s friend of 12 years, describes Sally as being “organized, resourceful, and overall a pretty put together woman.” What she admires most about Sally is her willingness and the way she always cares for other people and she always gives “100% to help a person.”

There hasn’t been a time where she felt like giving up and Sally stated, “If I can do it, anyone can do it.”


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