OPINION: Christmas shopping takes joy out of holidays

By Michael Dominguez

Holidays are supposed to be filled with joy, but instead people take the joy out by wasting their time and money in Christmas shopping.

Waiting in lines and spending  money  takes the joy out of the holidays.

When customers go to places like malls and Walmarts, the joy is gone because they can’t find the gifts they are looking for.

Customers think they are saving money with sales, such as those during Black Friday, but after buying many unnecessary items, a lot of money is wasted.

Consumers aren’t the only ones angry, but also retail associates who  smile on the outside but  are filled with frustration in the inside before they clock into work.

Retail associates have to deal with the mess customers make when they look for products.

Customers throw products on the floor or mess the order of products and don’t bother to put things back properly how they found them.

They must leave their home early to avoid  traffic  to make it early to work and not catch an earful from their managers for being late.

Retail associates also struggle with finding  a parking space because customers take up all the parking doing their holiday shopping.

So this holiday season, be prepared to be angry when you can’t find the gift you’re looking for or that close parking spot at the mall.

As for the retail associates, be happy that the check is going to be good money and work is coming in.

Enjoy the holidays with family and appreciate each other’s company.

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