OPINION: ELAC withholds information

Since Campus News was denied the list of retirees in the spring, the lack of transparency within the administration at East Los Angeles College has become increasingly apparent.

Campus News has tried to obtain the list of staff and faculty retiring after the Supplementary Retirement Plan passed in May, but the ELAC administration has not budged nor has it provided a good reason for the denial.

The refusal of the information, according to a lawyer from the California Newspaper Publisher Association, is illegal.

Campus News reached out to other schools within the Los Angeles Community College District to ask if they’ve had any success in obtaining a list of those retiring from their schools.

Sarah Hope, a copy editor for Los Angeles City College’s of the Collegian newspaper, said that, although they have not made an attempt to acquire the list, she believes the president would have granted their request.

“As a public institution, they should be required by law to provide that information or make it a public file,” Hope said.

There has also been a lack of transparency to faculty and staff on the hiring of the vice president of continuing education and workforce development’s qualifications for the job.

The advertisement for the job opening reads that a minimum of one year completion of “full-time formal training, internship or leadership experience reasonably related to the administrative assignment” is required.

Nowhere does it say that administrative experience is necessary.

But in researching the minimum qualifications for the same position in other higher education institutions, such as the National American University in South Dakota, they listed a minimum of “five plus years management in a training or organizational development leadership role.”

In a job description for a dean of adult/community education and workforce development opening at Los Angeles Valley College, one year of administrative experience was required for the job.

It seems hardly reasonable that the minimum qualifications for a person in charge of supervising deans is not required to have administrative experience.

It is unknown why the qualifications for the vice president position were minimized and who revised them.

In conclusion, the ELAC administration needs to be more transparent about what goes on at the school, and that includes not making people’s employment statuses a secret.

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