Expensive coffee brings excitement

By Anastasia Landeros

Kopi luwak, or coffee made from beans found in the feces of civets, will be available for tasting at the lecture “Animal, Commodity, Environment: Civets in the History of Indonesian Coffee” Friday in A2- 103.

Civets are cat-like, nocturnal mammals that live in the tropical forests of Asia and Africa.

Kopi luwak is coffee made from the bean of a digested coffee cherry that is retrieved from the feces of civets and brewed.

Colin Cahil, an Anthropology graduate student at the University of California, Irvine, will be presenting the lecture, sponsored by the Anthropology Club.

He worked for 15 months in Indonesia exploring local and national regulations of interactions with civets in the Indonesian coffee market.

Cahil’s work is part of his dissertation “Feral Natures and Fecal Commodities: Waste, Ethics, and the More-than-Human                    in Indonesia.”

The lecture was pitched to the Anthropology Club by co-adviser Professor Janny Li.

Anthropology Club President Jonathan Salas said that he was excited about the opportunity to bring this unique lecture to the students of East Los Angeles College.

“It’s especially something that students here at East Los Angeles College would never have the chance to (try). … We’re talking about a coffee that’s roughly $600 per pound. So it’s a very exclusive coffee” Salas said.

The price of a pound of kopi luwak, known as the world’s most expensive coffee, varies, but as of now, an ounce alone costs $44.95 on Amazon.com.

Salas said that the reception to trying the brew has been positive, despite its unique origins.

“It’s a shocker that so many people want to try it. … It’s one of those things that people have the complete opposite reaction to than what you think,” Salas said.

The lecture will take place in A2- 103 from 1 to 2:30 p.m.

RSVP at lij2@elac.edu.

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