G8 building construction on schedule for Spring

By Allison Beatty

The construction of the G8 Physics and Earth Science building is on schedule and expected to be completed by the end of the Spring semester.

“It was a little noisy during the summer, kind of an inconvenience,”said Cristal Gomez, who attended East Los Angeles College in the summer.

By the beginning of June they will begin furnishing the classrooms and moving everything in.

The building is set to focus on classes centered around Anthropology, Geology and Geography.

Currently, the footpath around the building and the accessible path of travel for handicapped students is being paved .

It’s planned that in the center of the path there will be a wide open area filled with decomposed granite; sand, dirt and pressed rock. There will also be the typical desert plants adorning our campus growing in it.

“It was very efficient, [it] left space for future construction,” Director of College Facilities Abel Rodriguez said.

Originally, there were intended to be two seperate buildings side by side. However, to facilitate construction, it was changed to a single two-story building.

The extra space leaves potential for another building in the future and doesn’t limit the available land construction workers have to work with. Currently, there is nothing planned, but it does leave a welcome area of open space in what’s quickly becoming a crowded campus.

In an online post from Dec. 6th, 2017, by Stephanie Guevara, construction of the new ELAC South Gate campus center is set to begin in either March or May. It will be located across the street from the current campus, at what was formerly a facility of the Firestone Tire Company.

ELAC has been planning on replacing the South Gate campus since 2003, because the current leased building puts the facility as a disadvantage, as it doesn’t receive additional funding from the school.

The facility was originally planned to be modified into a brand new educational facility, but due to it failing many environmental tests, it’s been decided that it will be demolished and a new building will be constructed.

There are no published plans for the building as of yet, except that it will be multistoried and twice as big as the current South Gate campus, spanning 18.5 acres.

More courses and activities at the South Gate campus are planned than what is currently offered, such as a science center, career and technology center, a student lounge and a Kinesiology Department.

“There will be more activities such as the ones here (on the main campus),” Rodriguez said.

It’s important to note that during construction of the new facility, the shuttle and other campus services will still be running.

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