Workshops empower women to speak up

By Cristal Gomez

“Empowering Network” workshops created by Title IX coordinator Angie Toledo focuses on women empowerment, events will take place in both Spring and Fall semester.

“Unfortunate things are happening right now. The time to bring the issue for a forefront is necessary to make sure this doesn’t happen again,” said Toledo.

Before the movement began with the Harvey Weinstein incidents, ELAC  offered workshops to the students, faculty, and staff.

Every other year faculty must take a training in knowing what  sexual discrimination is and  how to address a situation when it comes into light.

The #MeToo Movement began in 2006 and was funded by Tarana Burke to help survivors of sexual violence.

This allowed survivors to build a community that showed they weren’t alone.

“The #MeToo Movement is a powerful movement, it’s unfortunate many go through this,” Toledo said.

According to the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault,   in California  there are two million rape survivors, and many stay silent.

Toledo also said other groups on campus making awareness of the issue have been seen at ELAC through the various workshops hosted by Sexual Assault Awareness Violence Education Team and by the East Los Angeles Women’s Center.

The calendar for the “Empowering Womxn”will have three events in March.

The dates for Woke Womxn Summit and ASU Leadership Conference are being discussed currently.

The Women’s Empowerment Luncheon held March 22, is open to all.

The location of the event is unknown as it is still in the process. In April there will be a Women in STEM Panel and a Transgender Panel, the dates will later be announced for these two events.

On April 11, there will be a workshop for faculty and staff regarding sexual assault and women empowerment.

In the spring semester there will be three events.  Two will be for students and one for faculty and staff.

Similar to the spring semester, there will be three events in the fall semester two for students and one for staff.

The Women’s Summit will continue to have various workshops enlightening people on how to empower women and how to handle various issues such as sexual assault.

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