Error after error causes another baseball defeat

By Gustavo Buenrostro

East Los Angeles College baseball continues to suffer from  errors in its second consecutive loss against Santa Ana College with a score of 8-3 last Friday.

ELAC head coach James Hines said that little-to-no errors in games was something the team could take pride in.

However, these past games the team has been suffering from more errors than usual.

“What is really frustrating is that these are simple routines we do at practice. I know that the team knows what to do. But for some reason, they aren’t doing them,” Hines said.

The last game they played, ELAC made  four errors. The game before that, they made six errors, even though  they won that game. ELAC made a total of 10 errors in the last two games they played.

In the bottom of the eighth inning, the Huskies scored when ELAC sophomore first baseman Oscar Osorio hit the ball toward center field and allowed ELAC freshman second baseman Grant Victor to reach home, giving ELAC its first point of the game.

As the inning progressed, ELAC was able to fill in the bases and ELAC sophomore shortstop Gabriel Figueroa hit the ball, giving sophomore third baseman Matthew Sosa and sophomore center fielder Steven Nuno a chance to score two more runs for ELAC.

Hines says that the reason ELAC was able to score during that inning was because there was poor pitching from Santa Ana pitcher.

Bombs away—Freshman pitcher Josh Jorgensen (8) gets ready to pitch the ball toward Santa Ana College player in a 8-3 loss at East Los Angeles College last Friday.

It was in the top of the fourth inning that Santa Ana took the lead and didn’t let go.

Santa Ana had both the second and third bases full when Santa Ana sophomore left fielder Bryan Leef hit the ball towards left field allowing Santa Ana sophomore right fielder Nathan Flores to score.

Another incident occured in the same inning where the bases were loaded, and Santa Ana sophomore catcher Andrew Martinez hit the ball to center field and the ball wasn’t caught.

It was thrown to third base, then it was thrown to first base, where the ball was dropped, with Leef scoring for Santa Ana. During the fourth inning, Santa Ana scored four times.

“I think the team performed poorly. The players, the coaches, everyone. We need to fix a lot of things that were disappointing this game. We are going in a direction we shouldn’t be taking steps to,” said Hines.

Hines said going into the next game, he has confidence the team can do well, it’s just all contingent on them doing what they are supposed to do and perform well.

Santa Ana head coach Tom Nilles said that his team performed one of the best games they had this season.

Nilles said that they made a couple of mistakes, but were able to overcome them.

When talking about the players he thought did well, he said starting pitcher Jay Edwards had a good performance that day.

“If I had to say who did the best I’d say it was Edwards. He gave us an opportunity. That’s all you can really ask from a player,” Niles said.

ELAC plays tomorrow at 6 p.m. against Cerritos College in its first conference game at home.

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