‘Everything Sucks’ takes viewers back to the ’90s

By Michael Dominguez

The show does not disappoint if one is fond of ‘90s culture and wants to remember the good times of the late ’90s.

This show brings back the era of music videos on MTV, colorful clothing, the sound of dial up computers and anticipating new CDs of one’s favorite artist.    

  Everything sucks for teens in high school, especially if they are freshman in school dealing  with  finding who they are and everything around them changing daily.

The new Netflix series “Everything Sucks” takes place in the town of Boring, Oregon in the year of 1996.

The shows main character is Luke O’Neal played by (Jahi Di’Allo Winston ) who is an incoming freshman in high school. His mother, Sherry O’Neal, is a single mother and works as a flight attendant. O’Neal spends most of his time at home alone while his mom works.

As the show progresses viewers get a backstory of O’Neal’s father walking out in him and his mother when he was only seven years old.

Also, along come his friends Tyler (Quinn Liebling) and Mcquade (Rio Mangini).Tyler has a learning disability and Mcquade is awkward but is smart. The three are trying to fit in their first year of high school so they join the Audio Visual club.

In the club O’ Neal meets Kate Messner, a high school student who is a sophomore and whohappens to be the principal’s daughter. Ken Messner, her father is also a single dad because Kate’s mother died.

He is dealing with being single for a long time with his daughters struggles, since Kate is in the stage of finding her sexuallity and feels she doesn’t fit in herself.   

The show portrays how times were different, but the situations and things that people lived then, such as single being a single parent, finding oneself and dealing with the fact that everyone has to eventually grow up and become an adult, are still very much present in today’s society.

Although a person is out of high school and  now in college, they’re still dealing with  stages in life that are good and bad.

The series causes the viewers who went through the ’90s to have the feel of nolgastic times with the soundtrack of the show. There is a scene where  Luke does  a music video to get a date off Kate with the song by Oasis called WonderWall. The reason he chooses that song was because Luke gives the Oasis Album to Kate, since he already owned a copy of the album after he got it in the mail through a service that delivered CD’S to one’s home.

The show has moments of laughter but mostly a lot of drama and heartbreak between the characters of the show.  One may relate to their problems of heartbreak and not being able to fit into a certain group of people. It is comforting to know that one can find a group of friends that have similar traits, interests and being able to talk about their problems.

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