Badminton wins its first game

By Kevin Camargo

Badminton defeated Compton College 17-4 on Friday to get its first win of the season and improve its record to 1-2.

“The team didn’t give up, so that’s good. They didn’t feel they were going to (be) 0-3,” said East Los Angeles College head coach Qui Nguy.

Nguy said he believes that his team did well, aside from having a young team.

“We need to work on more conditioning (and) more consistency,” said Nguy.

Six of the 17 sets that ELAC won came from sophomore team captain Chinh Chu Lai.

Lai won all of her singles matches, scoring two points, and her doubles matches, scoring four points.

“It definitely feels great. It’s a good motivation to push (and) keep going (to) continue to do well,” said Lai. “It’s not always that good, but today was definitely a really good game for all of us.”

As team captain, Lai said that she tries to motivate her teammates and reassured that they’re a team and should work together to play more aggressive.

square up—Head coach Qui Nguy presenting the lineups on Friday’s 17-4 Badminton win against Compton College at home. CN/Kevin Camargo

“We’ll definitely keep working on all our skills and techniques, to continue to do well in our games and to (go) to nationals,” said Lai.

“We’ll definitely (be) more prepared as the season gets going.”

Nguy said that the team he has right now is not the final line-up, as when the state competition comes, the team will be separated with other partners to have a better chance of winning.

“For a lot of these girls, it’s their first year. If they learn how to compete and not give up, that helps them,” said Compton head coach Juan Diaz.

“We’re actually improving; more than when we first started the season.”

Diaz, aside from coaching for Compton, is also a kinesiology professor at ELAC.

He said he finds his situation interesting, yet funny.

“You come over (and) run into the same people you work with. You tell jokes here and there about how we’re going to beat you or you’re going to beat me, and it’s pretty good,” said Diaz

Diaz said that he will work with his team to get more practice in, and improve their techniques, skills and have more strategy.

ELAC is looking forward to its rematch against El Camino College after falling to them 9-12 in the first game of the season.

“Hopefully we will win it because last time, we lost because of mistakes that our girls (made),” said Nguy. “This time when we play them, we should be able to win it.”

ELAC’s next game will be home on Friday at 2 p.m. against El Camino College in the small gym.

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