New building to launch in 2022

By Jerry Flores

A new building construction at South Gate Educational Center campus was discussed last Thursday in the Associated Student Union meeting.

The new building will be constructed across the street of the South Gate Educational Center and will be done in January 2022. It will have new resources, one of them is the science department.  

“We are going to build a brand new building, it’s going to be big. We really need the building to attract the South Gate student community because otherwise if we don’t have a bigger campus, they will choose to go to other colleges,” Commissioner of Arts and Humanities and Physical Education Eric Calderon said.

Currently, students who attend the South Gate campus can only take general education classes such as English and Mathematics.

The ASU made changes to its constitution. One of them is the proposal for the election of a Vice President at the South Gate Campus if approved by the board members. They want a student from the campus to run for office. The elected Vice President will take office in Fall 2018.

“We are proposing that this new position, if passed, should be occupied ideally by a student from South Gate Campus. This will help the South Gate students to get more involved on campus activities. We think that having three senators and a vice president will allow more representation and more power to the campus.” said Calderon.

Proposal of new clubs and tours was also discussed in the meeting. The Northern California University Tour proposed by the Sociology and Accounting club received $1000 for their tour expenses. “The purpose of the club is to take students to network with universities in San Francisco. We want students to travel in safe and affordable transportation. We are going to provide food and lodging. Everybody can go to the tour as long as they have paid their ASU membership,” Vice President of the Accounting Club Rodolfo Cervantes said.

The Vision Club was also approved to continue with its meeting by the ASU board.  “Our mission is to develop and inspire leaders with vision, insight, and integrity, skilled in applying critical thinking strategies to solve problems and positively contribute to the world,” President of the Vision Club Nick Nevarez said.

On the other hand, the ASU committee approved to give $10 gift cards for scholarship readers.

Another proposal was to increase the value to $200 for gift cards that are given away to students who attend clubs at campus. The proposal was not approved by the committee. “We don’t want to be spending too much money on it. If we don’t want to spend on something that gives away fees, then we are not going to make an amendment to it,” ASU President Monique Hernandez said.

The board voted to discuss  the Graduation Theme Quote which was not in agenda.  “We have chosen to arm ourselves with knowledge and not violence” is the quote going to be used on graduation day, which will take place June 5 at 6:30 p.m. in the Weingart Stadium.

“The board chose the quote because they believed it will be the more appropriate for the school year and graduating class,” Hernandez said.

The ASU board also discussed their goals and concluded that they still need to work on communication, commitment and transparency.

“We have to help each other as much as we can. Try to talk to each other more when it comes to events they need help with, so the board can try to fix it as soon as possible,”

Associated Students Union Secretary Summer French said.  

ASU will host another meeting on April 13th at 1 p.m. in F5-209 according to the agenda.

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