Town hall meeting informs students of financial aid options

By Christian Horta

Financial aid information was provided at the town hall meeting at the E3 building on Wednesday from noon to 2 p.m.  

Originally, the meeting was going to be held outside by the walkway, but the wet weather forced it to move outside the main elevators.

The purpose of Wednesday’s town hall meeting was for students to be aware of any updates, along with clearing up any confusion or questions that students may have.  Maria Cheikosman of the financial aid office was in charge of the event. “This is just for us to recruit more students for financial aid, and so they can become aware of the new changes,” said Cheikosman.

Tables were set up with information on the financial aid basics, along with options are available for students, including the Board of Governors , Cal Grants and Pell Grants.

The California College Promise Grant, formerly known as the BOG fee waiver, is available to eligible students to assist with the enrollment fees, which is currently $46 per unit.

To receive this assistance, students must complete the Fee Waiver Application, or must have applied through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid , or the California Dream Application, and be a California resident or eligible AB 540 student.

Pell Grant is a federal grant that does not need to be repaid.  Students are awarded based off financial needs and enrollment status; however, students are limited to six full-time years of awards.  Amounts could change annually, so students are encouraged to visit for details and updates.

Cal Grants is also free money for college, up to $12,630 each year up to four years of college.  Cal Grant A provides financial aid assistance to students for baccalaureate degree program at four-year universities.  Cal Grant B applies for those who attend community colleges. Cal Grant C applies for those who are enrolled in vocational programs.

The event was open to all students and faculty to answer any questions in relation to financial aid applications, processing and options.

Students were given out a folder with a variety of information regarding financial aid.  Additionally, students received prizes and refreshments if they completed a questionnaire scavenger hunt.

The scavenger hunt encouraged students to ask questions and to be interactive.  Once students completed the scavenger hunt worksheet, they were given the chance to spin a wheel to have a chance at winning a prize.

T-shirts and USB drives were given to those who spun the wheel, along with pizza, cookies, and water.

A financial aid transfer workshop will take place on May 17, which will include representatives from California State University Los Angeles and University of California Los Angeles in order to assist students who are preparing for transfer.  

The town hall meeting was sponsored by the financial aid office.

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