ASU funds Amsterdam-Paris Study Abroad Club

By Susan Lorenzana

The Associate Student Union helps fund the Amsterdam Paris Study Abroad club and various topics were talked about such as proposal funding, board discussions, and a new ASU Senator of Political Activism was appointed . “It was definitely an experience and I am grateful to be part of ASU board,” Stephanie Trelles said.

Many clubs had hopes of having their club funded. ASU funds the Amsterdam-Paris Study Abroad club. During spring break, the Amsterdam-Paris  club traveled to Amsterdam and Paris. Nine students and two instructors attended.

ASU will also fund the APSA Banquet. The banquet  is also an “end of the semester celebration” for the trip. APSA was able to fundraise three hundred dollars, and ASU provided three hundred dollars. The club will have six hundred dollars for the end of the year banquet. ASU also funds APSA club for a conference at ELAC’s main campus and South Gate campus. This conference will talk about ways to pay for studying abroad, financial aid, funds and global awareness.

Since the main campus is bigger, ASU will fund the conference for three thousand dollars. The South Gate conference is being funded one thousand five hundred. These funds will be used to pay for food,drinks, and promote flyers and banners.

“I’m hoping anywhere from 18 to 30 students attend,”  Club Advisor Felipe Agredano said. When he attended ELAC, Agredano said he had an opportunity to study abroad but chose to be part of ASU instead. Agredano said that if there’s something he wants the ELAC student body to know is to take advantage of the opportunity.

“As an ELAC student, I never had the right information about studying abroad. I want students to know how the healthcare system, school system, and architecture functions are in other countries. I wants students to know about the real world.” Felipe said.

In 2019, the Study Abroad Club will consider the impact of the renaissance, the enlightenment and church reformation history in the settings of Venice, Florence, Pisa and Rome in Italy. Felipe said that the APSA club will host a conference that will talk about next year’s trip. The name of the study abroad club will change next year since the club will travel to  another country.

The conference will be on Monday, May 7th at noon and evening. Toward the end of the meeting, the ASU board had a discussion about promoting ASU more and school events. ASU President Monique Hernandez said that she doesn’t like how many students are unaware of ASU. President Hernandez makes amend with her board to come together and help each other as much as possible by helping outreach to students by tabling, passing out flyers, visiting classes and club meetings.

“It was a board discussion about anything we wanted to let the board know. Since we send out a lot of emails, things might get lost, some might get confused and since we don’t see each other often, all 20 of us at once, it was time to clear some things up in person rather than a new email.” President Hernandez said.

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