Career Jobs and Services Center guide students through their goals

By Michael Dominguez

Students may sometimes need the guidance for picking a major or getting a job and may need assistance  finding the path to achieve these goals. The East Los Angeles College Career Jobs and Services Center at E1-176  can help with creating resumes profiles and cover letters.

The Career center is lead by Janet Huang who helps the students by guiding them to assmements that help find the job and career that most likely fits them. Huang also gives tips and other resources such as the Elac online job database that helps find jobs. The search can be filtered  for just ELAC students who apply for jobs and internships. One of the tips that Huang gave is to build a network with people that can help with deciding on what type of job or career one is looking for.

The reason to create a network is that one may know someone in the field and can ask questions on what is needed to join that work force or just may link the person to the proper person to ask to get a interview for the job they want.

Another tip that was given is to join the clubs that ELAC has and find people with the same goals and interest and help create links to one another and seek help from others when looking for jobs.

Huang also recommended for students to appear to the job and major fairs that the ELAC campus holds. The job fair will take place on the third of May from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday at the main campus quad area and the multipurpose room  and Thursday May 10 at the South Gate campus parking lot. This fair will have on the spot interviews and possible job offers if not looking for a job and just need help looking for a major there is also a majors fair in the fall. If any more questions are needed make an appointment with center to help find one’s career path.

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