Gambino’s new music video reflects a blind America

Chatching us slippin’—Rapper Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) dances chaotically with school children in his new music video for “This Is America“

BY Jose E. Conrique

Childish Gambino, also known as Donald Glover released the powerful and graphic music video “This is America,” which places black culture and social issues together.

Glover has gone from being a writer, actor, a stand-up comedian, to a rapper R&B singer and Emmy winner. He stepped it up at the right time.

The music video is chaotic and shows the social fear of black men. Childish Gambino distracts the viewer by distorting his facial expressions.

The Music video opens with him executing a man by shooting him  in back of the head and posing as the infamous Jim Crow. He then goes on to hand the gun to another person and showing the guns in America.

Further ahead, a choir sings, when suddenly, Gambino is given an assault rifle and slaughters the choir.

The choir attack represents the 2015 Charleston Church attack. The dancing continues, as  America seems to do after similar attacks; brush it off and move on while everything around is this chaotic image.

In the video, bystanders are shown on their phones, recording along with riots, fights and more messages.

The music video ends with Childish Gambino running away from a crowd of people to what appears to be the Sunken Place, a mental prison for black people from the movie “Get Out.”

Later, Childish Gambino was on SNL being introduced by Daniel Kaluuya, from “Get Out,” for his new song “This is America.”

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