Psychology Club demonstrates importance of higher education

By Roberto Diaz

Students and families flooded into East LosAngeles College’s multi-purpose room on Thursday to attend the 5th Annual Psychology Club Open House. Upon arrival, guests were given welcome gifts and an event program. Food was provided as well as various information presented by student service booths.

When the club had its first open house five years ago, it was held in the club’s department building, which wasnt big enough for all attendees. Club members were thrilled about the turn, as well as Psychology Chair Sherrie Davey, was thrilled about and the program’s growth.

“Tonight’s objective is not just for the Psychology Club. We host this event to invite families and to advocate to them how important higher education is for their children and even for them,” Davey said.

During the event, children enjoyed several coloring areas.College information for high school students and for people wanting to go back was available. Help centers for those experiencng addiction, depression or mental and physical abuse was also offered.Presentations began with faculty member Dr. Randy Ludwig who kept the night alive and the program running.

Ludwig introduced his colleagues from the Psychology Department, who put together the event. Student clubs and service representatives  introduced their clubs and shared what they offer.

After the introductions, Ludwig showed the audience  how ELAC’s Psychology Club helps change lives. Eddie Alvo, 54, from Los Angeles shared  that he was an addict for 20 years before going back to school at 45.

Alvo did not know what to major in until he attended a Psychology Club Meeting. He  learned al lot about himself. Alvo transfered to Antioch University where he earned his bachelor’s degree, and became the first person in his family to earn a masters degree.

Alvo currently works as an adviser and counselor in Pasadena, CA, for the Gooden Center in Pasadena, a rehab home for alcoholics and drug addicts.

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