Shaky defense costs women’s soccer win

By Jerry Flores

Staff Writer


Women’s soccer lost its non-conference game against Los Angeles Valley College on Saturday with a  final score of  0-3.

L.A. Valley scored the first goal of the game in minute 65 when freshmen defender Brenda Florian shot a free kick from outside the penalty box. East Los Angeles College sophomore goalkeeper Adriana Huerta could not grab the ball because it bounced and the direction changed to her left side.

The free kick was given to L.A. Valley after Husky freshman Precious Avila committed an aggressive foul, that resulted in a yellow card.

A defensive error at minute 77 by Husky freshmen Julianne Garcia and Avila allowed L.A. Valley freshman forward Nataly Vargas to shoot from inside the penalty box to the right side of the goal scoring the second goal for the team.

“There was no communication and that hurt us. After the second goal we put our heads down. Those errors made us  lose the game,” said Husky assistant coach Javier Arellano.

The Huskies tried to score by attacking through the sides and sending passes to the box, but they could not score.

“We need to take more shots and be more aggressive. We need to play better and score the chances that we get. Overall we need to have better communication,” said Arellano.

At minute 81 the third goal for L.A. Valley was scored by Vargas.

“In the second half we started to have ball possession. Pass the ball at the right time and we finished the chances that we got. That was the key for getting this win,” said L.A. Valley head coach Greg Venger.

L.A. Valley player Vargas suffered an injury after Husky freshman defender Danette Garcia slid from the back and kicked her ankle. Vargas had to be carried out of the game carried by the coaches. Vargas finished the game with two goals scored.

“She had an amazing game. Unfortunately, she got injured. We have to wait to see what this is. It obviously does not look good. The win is great but losing her is very disappointing. I just hope that she is ok and we will see what happens,” said Venger.

The Huskies dominated for most of the first half. They had most of the ball possession. They created  opportunities and continuously made shots, most of the times with freshman forward Jennifer Chavarria who was the most dangerous player of the game.

“I just love to play and help the team as much as I can. I like to dribble the ball and always try to participate during the game defending or attacking,” said Chavarria.

With this loss, ELAC is 0-2-2 overall. Their next game will be a non-conference game today at Los Angeles Harbor at 3 p.m.


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