OPINION: Letter to the Editor

I appreciate the paper calling on students to be active in the political process, however, I do not appreciate such a one-sided presentation of Proposition 10. The writer of the article cited ballotpedia (a wiki) for arguments in support of prop. 10 and a pro prop. 10 website for arguments against it. In the spirit of supporting a knowledge-based community, I call upon research and facts.

Research conducted by the USC Price School of Public Policy states that 60% of Los Angeles residents are renters, with the current median rent being $2,483. It has been shown that since 2013, Los Angeles is among the most rent burden cities in the nation, with 62% of renters paying at least 30% of their income on rent and many others pay upwards of 50%. The writer also noted that โ€œowners need the money to repair property when it is damaged.โ€ The reality is that renters are required to put down deposits for such incidents.

The main argument that needs to be addressed is that prop. 10 will slow affordable housing development and thereby decrease available housing? A look at recent housing developments throughout downtown reflect high rental rates and high vacancy rates. The idea that a law that affects all but benefits few should remain on the books seem to be extremely limited. I call upon our students to be better informed.

Golden Sheard

President of ELAC Students for Political Awareness

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