OPINION: Street racing joins law enforcement against illegal races

CN/Ivana Amaral

By Giselle Arroyo (J-101 Staff Writer)

The Street racers and law enforcement are working together to increase public safety in California through legal and controlled drag racing.

“Peace Through Wheels,” said Donald Galaz.

The streets of Los Angeles are some of the most exciting places for car racing. The thrill of racing can be addictive and through the Brotherhood of Street Racers their addictive need for racing can be used for good.

The Brotherhood of Street Racers are determined to create a successful program where car racing enthusiast can race in the streets legally.

They believe that if people have a controlled and safe environment where they are allowed to race it will keep them off the streets.

Galaz is the elected spokesman for the Street Racers. He is determined to suggest to the public that drag racing is the right way to help youth in California.

“This is where it first started… California is one of the places where most people like to street race,” said Galaz.

Galaz was at the Los Angeles City Hall to provide the City Council with information about their cause. They also had police   officers to support them.

They are determined to lower the statistics of violence through racing.

The idea for this came from the late William  “Big Willie” Andrew Robinson. Who wanted to decrease  gang violence through drag racing.

He was the creator of the Street Racers organization.

His values were appreciated by many in his time and presently. This is why so many people follow him to this day.

Having a safe environment to race has many reasonable arguments to it. They are not only looking to have a safe location for the street racers but to have a more convenient place for everybody to race.

“We’re not saying don’t race.We want you to race but in a safe location someplace were it can be acceptable. Where you can get loud and bring whatever car you have to race in,” said Lucy Hoback.

Hoback is a member of the Street Racers and she is also determined to pass on the message to the public.

An idea that can be appreciated by many not only can this idea help lower violence, but it can also lower disturbance in our neighborhoods. People sleep won’t be affected by disruptive and obnoxiously loud cars racing up the street. Also, bystanders will be safe from dangerous drivers.

“We want something safe for everyone to participate in,” said Hoback

They are always looking for ways to help pursue the idea of street racing to the community. They believe it is an efficient way to keep the public safe.

“Everything is happening here in LA… we are the racing capital of everything,” said Hoback.

The Street Racers are asking for a suitable place for street racing in Los Angeles.

They would like it to be accessible for everyone, so people are not left with the option to race in a highly populated area or near homes and business.

“Racing started in Southern California,” said Bill Hoback husband of Lucy Hoback.

The Street Racers and law enforcement are working together to help decrease violence through the hobby of racing, starting with Los Angeles.

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