Automotive program prepares students for the future

By Jorge Serrano Pacheco (J-101 Staff Writer)

Diego Oviedo is on the verge of getting his final Automotive Service  Excellence certificate.

He is also getting his Associate’s degree in the automotive technology program at East Los Angeles College in spring 2019.

Oviedo works at Service Tire Co. there he’s currently learning and getting his foot in the automotive field.

Thanks to the help of ELAC’s Automotive program, Oviedo has managed to reach his dream and eventually expand his knowledge of cars.

Oviedo wished to become a pro skater as a teen, but as Oviedo grew up, he noticed that computer information was for him.

Oviedo’s knowledge for computers started in Roosevelt High School, where Oviedo graduated in 2014.

After high school, Oviedo got accepted into Cal Poly Pomona . He decided to major in computer information systems.

After finishing his first year at Cal Poly Pomona, Oviedo decided to commute to school instead of dorming at Pomona.

One day, as he was commuting to school, Oviedo’s 1987 Mazda RX-7 started having engine problems.

Oviedo couldn’t drive to class and ended up dropping his classes at Pomona.

Eventually, Oviedo left Pomona and decided to stay local and attend ELAC.

His RX-7 motor issues inspired him to enter the automotive program at ELAC.

Ever since he started his first 101 class, he was into the program.

Oviedo said, “The program is really good and very simple in terms of prerequisites needed to take higher level classes.”

Oviedo is about to finish the automotive program.

He learned about everything from pistons, engine’s suspension, breaks, transmission and the fluids within cars.

Although Oviedo feels the program cover everything, he wishes there was a course on diesel and rotaries.

“Rotaries are obsolete, as in no present manufacturer makes a rotary engine powered vehicle in the current market for sale,”Oviedo said

Oviedo wishes in the next 10 years, to focus more on rotary vehicles and tuned vehicles in maintenance and upgrades to make  car faster or better looking.

The Mazda brand has been around Oviedo’s lifetime.

“He’s brought several cars and loves working on them”said Jiner Oviedo his brother. Today, Oviedo wishes to participate in drift events.

He prefers drifting over drag racing because there’s more style involved within the set ups and maneuvering within the car drifting.

“I want to drift the RX2, it would be cool to see an old school car doing something people wouldn’t expect it to,”Oviedo said.

He found himself in the automotive field however it wasn’t what he expected.

Oviedo said “It’s been a bit difficult to really get your foot into the field.”

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