OPINION: Coffee drinks vary in form, taste fantastic

By Mariana Montoya (J-101 Staff Writer)

With finals around the corner, you have to know what “latte you gotte.” Students often find themselves going to coffee shops and drinking different types of coffees with fancy names. But what do they mean? What are they and what should they taste like?

One of the most popular drinks is a latte, but do people know what a latte truly is? The latte is an Italian word for milk and the word caffè is the Italian word for coffee, giving it its meaning coffee with milk.

Most people call a cafe latte just a latte. This drink is one of the most popular and very delicious coffees on the menu because it is standard. It is a smooth tasting drink. The hot version of the drink is formed with espresso shots, steamed milk, and topped off with a little bit of foam.

By the time you are finished with  the drink you are left with the foam all the way at the bottom. The foam takes this drink to another level. The cold version of a latte is made from espresso shots over milk and ice.

Many different  coffee chains have modified the latte by adding different flavors.  The most popular flavors are vanilla, hazelnut, and mocha.

Another example of a popular  misinterpretation of coffee is the macchiato.

The macchiato is a shot of espresso with a spoon full of steamed milk and a dollop of foam. Unlike the Starbucks version of the macchiato, the original Italian version is meant to be out fast and drunk in a quick manner.

It is a very straight drink. The tiny portion of milk is often used as a sweetener.

Next we have the cappuccino.

The cappuccino is made with one or two shots of coffee followed by steamed milk and lots of foam. This one is a classic.

To make cappuccino, it takes a great deal of work, especially to get the foam to a perfect point.

If anyone is looking for a very foamy drink and appreciates the bitter taste of espresso combined with the natural sweetness of the steamed milk, this is a great drink to try.

During finals, students who are staying up to get extra study time tend to go to the strongest versions of drinks-drinks with a lot of caffeine, or quick drinks. Because of this, many think that the Americano is the strongest caffeine-leveled drink in the menu because it has the most shots of espresso.

Brisa Garcia, a freshman student at East Los Angeles College, said “Finals really drain us because this is our last shot to get a good grade in our classes, so we will take the strongest coffee.”

Contrary to popular belief, brewed coffee is actually stronger than shots of espresso.

“The reason many people think drinks such as the Americano have the most caffeine is because they taste really strong,”said Cynthia Sanchez, a barista for the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

The lighter the roast, the stronger in caffeine.

So what kind of coffee is the best coffee to have during such a delicate time?

Truth is, the type of coffee that is best for you depends largely on the kind of person that you are.

Some people love the bitter taste of the espresso by itself, while others love the taste of a freshly brewed batch of coffee.

Some love coffee with lots of milk and others enjoy the sweetness of a flavored latte.

Here’s a recipe to enjoy during the start of finals season.

¼  cup of room temperature water

2 tablespoon of instant coffee

¼  cup of ice

¼ cup of almond milk

¼ cup of carnation milk

3 tablespoons of honey

First, start with the 1/4 cup of water and mix in two tablespoons of instant coffee.

Once those two tablespoons are mixed in, mix in the three tablespoons of honey.

Then you pour your drink inside the cup where you have your ice and let it sit for five minutes, then mix almond milk with carnation milk.

As soon as it is mixed, pour it over your coffee.

Finally taste, enjoy and add to your liking.

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