Kurt Russell dashes through Netflix as Santa Claus

jingle all the way home—Kurt Russell portays Santa Claus in Netflix’s Christmas Chronicle.
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By Alex Handy (J-101 Staff Writer)

“The Christmas Chronicles” is a Netflix original that tells a story of two siblings crossing paths with Santa on Christmas Eve.

Netflix starts the holidays off with a Christmas story that sounds like a cliché Christmas story, but in reality, is a wild ride with a great take on Saint Nick.

The story begins with a family of five who share great memories on Christmas every year.

The first few minutes of the film begins with a montage of the family opening presents on Christmas day, starting in the year 2006, going all the way to the present time of 2018 with the father missing due to a fire rescue he took part in earlier that year which took his life.

The youngest family member Kate Pierce, played by Darby Camp, doesn’t want their family’s tradition of recording Christmas day to end because of the death of her father.

Her older brother Teddy Pierce, played by Judah Lewis, is the complete opposite and does what seems like what every other teen does and bottles up his emotions.

Teddy is seen falling into generic juvenile delinquency, which the writers of this movie illustrate by having him drink alcohol and steal cars.

When their mother takes an emergency call from work, the two siblings have an idea to catch sight of Santa.

The two succeed in capturing video a of Santa, so Kate’s next move is to infiltrate Santa’s sleigh.

This leads to them being whisked off into the night, which leads to Santa being startled and crash landing into the Chicagoland area.

This is where the movie seems to fall flat with both Camp and Lewis not acting up to par with Kurt Russell, one of the best Santas in years. Russell plays a slim Santa that goes against all of the clichés we hear when we were children.

Even with its subpar acting, this movie is still quite enjoyable with some humor that was surprisingly not cringy, which is something you see in a lot of Christmas movies.

Director Clay Kaytis keeps things moving and doesn’t try to make this movie something it’s not.

Kurt Russell seems to carry this movie and looks like he’s having a great time playing Santa.

This movie isn’t the best Christmas movie, but it does its job and can be enjoyable.

This movie is rated PG and is streaming on Netflix.


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