OPINION: Traveling abroad builds character

Written by Michael Ramos (J-101 Staff Writer) 

Traveling is one of the greatest things you can do and have the privilege to be doing.

I recently traveled with my parents to Paris and London, it was a graduation gift from my folks. After flying back and forth as well as my previous trip to Rome and Venice. Traveling is one of the most fun things many people can do. Of course, it is not for everyone but it can be exhilarating.

Traveling abroad takes time and even preparation. Something that many insist is that traveling costs a lot of money, but the best part is that there are easy ways to go. Prices for plane tickets are lower than ever. Nine months is usually the best length of time to purchase the tickets. Sometimes money should not always be the wall that separates anyone from traveling to any country.

Something everyone does is learn the many historical facts that are included with traveling. Museums are some of the best things to see such as statues and artifacts. When traveling, there are people, travel guides, and even information guides give you enough info to learn and understand everything that pertains to the history of the many landmarks. Reading and learning about the past transports you to a once prosperous or even dark time in history. It can be fascinating learning about what each culture could have been and how they lived, even those who they were as people or what those people were even like. It shows an immense amount of progression.

One of the best parts of traveling is walking through the beautiful parts of the city. Walking throughout the city and sidewalks, breathing and even enjoying the food. Looking at the beautiful architecture as well as hear others speak in their native tongues, it is one of the most engrossing things to hear and look at the beautiful culture that is present.

Traveling abroad also comes with a variety of foods. The wide variety comes from normal U.S. commercial food such as McDonalds or Burger King. The foods that are at that primary country that you are in is always the right decision. From spaghetti in Italy to escargot in France, it is all real food and not post-processed or even just something cooked up from a fridge. The desserts presented are some of the most delicious stuff around. In the end, it all depends on where you end up.

        Traveling abroad takes patience, preparation and even long amounts of time. It all needs to be digested, swallowed and even thought about. You are going around some of the most beautiful places in the world. It will either be Paris or even India. The choices of exploration and living are all up to you. You will likely enjoy everything that comes around and divulges on the many foods available. Traveling is big and long, but fulfilling if you love to learn and meet new people.


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