The Let’s Dance Company performs at ELAC’s recital hall

LET’S DANCE—The Letís Dance Company delivered interpretive dance performances along with other styles of dance throughout the night of November 30 at the East Los Angeles College Recital Hall. CN/Julie Santiago

By Julie Santiago

East Los Angeles College’s The Let’s Dance Company delivered a hip and aesthetically pleasing dance performance Friday Nov.30.

The sixth Member Choreography Project took place at the Recital Hall.

The Let’s Dance Company made the performance enjoyable without the use of props or overly flashy wardrobe.

The simple stage lighting with its use of color gels simply projected onto the background synchronized with the song selection and helped give striking performances.

CN/Julie Santiago

The Let’s Dance Company’s dancers and choreographers covered songs of a few genres such as “Malibu” by Miley Cyrus, “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt and “Where’s My Ring?” by Jennifer Lopez.

Eduardo Hernandez, Christian Acevez, Leslye Munoz and Let’s Dance Company gave emotional performances throughout the night.

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