E7 building changes name to honor donor

C/N Steven Adamo

By Steven Adamo

In honor of businesswoman and philanthropist Vicky Chang’s multi-million dollar donations, the E-7 Technology Center has changed its name to The Vicky Chang Career Technical Education building.

The Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees approved the name change in June of 2017, then changed the physical letters in late September 2018.

Chang donated two million dollars to the LACCD in spring 2017 to help nursing students with the $200 National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) fee and the $300 Board of Registered Nurses (BRN) fee.

Chang made another one million dollar donation to LACCD nursing students, giving $500 to each student transferring to a university.

“One of the amazing things that has happened as a result of her gift to the nursing department is that the scores from students who are taking the NCLEX exam are going up,” said Michael Fuller, executive director at Foundation for the Los Angeles Community Colleges. “Across the district, it’s had a pretty amazing effect.”

In an ELAC Shared Governance Council (ESGC) meeting held June 12, 2017, David Senensieb of the Mathematics Department voiced his concern about the lack of input from the college community regarding the name change.

As a result, a volunteer task force was created to examine the process that The Facilities Planning Subcommittee (FPSC) uses to name buildings.

During the following ESGC meeting held on July 24, 2017 president of the Academic Senate Jeffrey Hernandez recommended that the FPSC add a rule that requires a forum or survey for the campus community to give their input.

The Academic Senate approved the rule in September, 2017 and recommended other colleges in the district adopt the policy and encourage the Board of Trustees to revise the Board Rule.

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