UndocuHuskies to host posada Thursday

By Juan Calvillo

The Undocu-Huskies are throwing an event to help the student body blow off steam and also provide some quality time for students to get to know the club. The event is a “posada,” a traditional Latino celebration that occurs before Christmas. Usually events like this are done with singing and celebratory sweet treats– the Undocu-Huskies hope to capture that same spirit for this event.

Judith Arguello, an Undocu-Huskies member, said, “during the event we will be having tamales, hot chocolate, ponche, and pan dulce. For activities, we will be providing candles and sparklers, and make the traditional posada choirs and chants. We will also be having an ugly Christmas sweater contest, the winner will receive an Amazon gift card.”

Club president Jose Pelaez said that the event would be completely free. It was put together not only for students, but for the faculty, staff and any member of the students’ family. It was put together as a breather after the intense week of finals. Pelaez said, “This event is going to be a meet and greet. The idea is to give back to our community and also have more exposure so people might begin to identify us for the spring.” Becoming a club that is more identifiable within the East Los Angeles College community is one of the more pressing goals for the event. Pelaez said that recognition among the students would allow them to better extend assistance for either necessities or information.

“We want to offer a free event, so people can know that we are willing to bring a moment of joy to our staff and students as a way to give back to our college,” Arguello said.

Being finals week, the stress students feel can at times be overwhelming. “Due to the stress caused by finals, we want to offer a time for students to just enjoy,” Arguello said. The event will take place this Thursday, and begins at 4 p.m. with a traditional piñata breaking on the E3 quad. The festivities will continue from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in F5-219, where all the treats and the ugly sweater contest will take place.

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