New proposals help students achieve higher education

By Jose Cabrera

The first Academic Senate meeting of the spring semester was held yesterday afternoon.

Members discussed the accreditation steering committee bylaws draft that will help promote college culture dedicated to the improvement of school programs and focus on student learning.

The ASC wants to verify that the programs East Los Angeles College implements  are going to benefit the students.

A new Guided Pathways Framework was also introduced which will help students achieve better outcomes and graduate    faster.

Members want to improve the Enhancing Learning and Achieving Completion program by implementing an equity-focused enhancement committed to student learning and advancing degrees, certificates, etc by providing guidance and full support from staff.

The pathway is also going to implement a template that benefits full and part time students.

“The Academic Work team will  be available to work with departments and try to build those issues of consistency,” said President of the Academic Senate Jeff Hernandez.

“By improving this template, we have a starting point that we know can move confidently.”

This template assures that students will obtain help to speed up the process of transferring or graduating.

Things got intense as members discussed the time management of this year’s graduation program.

Members addressed the time issue they are having when it comes to the ceremony.

Plans were discussed to make the ceremony more convenient for the students, parents and staff.

Members want to cut time from the district speaker because they believe it absorbs too much time from the ceremony.  Kevin Booth, Respiratory Therapy Director said, “ Limits for them [district speaker] might be in order. It’s about the student really.”

Plans to change the date sparked a major discussion among the group when members  suggested that the ceremony be moved on Tuesday because it works out best for everybody.

Members argued Friday would best solution for parents that work during the week.

Jeff Hernandez said that would be unfair for the students that still have class on the weekend and suggested that Tuesday is looking like the better option because there may be a  higher rate of attendance.

Members also suggested that ELAC should have a bigger stage with multiple exits to help speed up the process.

The main priority of the   discussion is give more time to the students.

Controversy went on and on between members as the meeting came to a close.

The discussion will be continue in the next Academic Senate meeting.       

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