OPINION: Valentine’s day expresses love to all

By Giselle Arroyo

Valentine’s Day can sometimes be a day of dread for people, but it should be celebrated as a day to express love and friendship.

There are many reasons to be thankful for Valentine’s Day. For instance, be thankful for the presents.

In other words, be thankful that there is actually a day dedicated for people to show you that they love you with presents.

It’s always nice to get a little something like flowers, bears, and especially chocolates. According to the blog “Petal Talk,” done by 1-800flowers, it is estimated that every year over 36 million heart-shaped chocolates are sold throughout the country.

Chocolate is delicious, and it’s  great to receive them just as any other gift.

When it comes down to it,  everyone likes getting gifts, even if it is shaped like a heart.

Contrary to popular belief, this day is not just for couples but it is for everyone.

Valentine’s Day is also a day that single people can appreciate. Who cares if people are single on Valentine’s Day?

Being single allows people to just hang out with friends who might also be single and make a day of it.

Grab your friends and see what Valentine’s day sales are out there. You can also just spend the time to treat yourself.

This can simply be a day to focus on self-care. Taking time for yourself is just as important because you need to love and care for yourself as you do for others.

Just spend the day with the people you love, or just treat yourself. There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend this day by yourself, pampering and relaxing is a good way to spend it.

For those who have pets, take the time to show them how much you appreciate them.

After all, spending time with them is just as important as taking time with a loved one.

People who have pets can take the time to show them how much they appreciate them.

Spending time with them is just as important and satisfying as taking time with a loved one. Sometimes if you have a pet, spending time with them is even better.

Be thankful you have a day to show people or animals that you love them.

The red and pinks hearts displayed everywhere are a constant reminder to show your appreciation for the people or animals you care about.

According to “Petal Talk,” every year an estimated nine million people buy their pets a Valentine’s Day gift. Buying your pet a gift is not weird. It’s more common than you think.

Overall, whether it be your friends, family or pets, giving feels just as good as receiving.

However for most of us, Valentine’s Day can be pricey.Thankfully, there are huge discounts on chocolates, bears, and trinkets, the next day.

Be thankful for the discounts. Oh, the glorious discounts. The day after Valentine’s Day can be the best day in February if you can’t afford to buy gifts.

An employee at CVS has mentioned that she notices the same thing happening every year.

For 18 years she noticed that people would wait for the day after Valentine’s Day to buy gifts for their loved ones.

It’s not an uncommon thing to do. It’s a great idea to take advantage of these discounts.

Again, especially chocolates, because Valentine’s Day chocolates are the best chocolates.

If you forgot to buy something for someone or maybe you just want to buy something for yourself, the best time to do it is then.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, Valentines Day isn’t about what you do or how much money you spend. It is just about the love.

Be thankful for the love.

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