ELAC swings and misses

The run that got away
Safe— East Los Angeles College sophomore third baseman Andy Rodriguez fails to catch the ball, allowing Riverside City College freshman utility’ Jack drury to be safe. Rodriguez failed play allowed Riverside to score three runs on Saturday’s 7-6 loss at home. Yesterday the Huskies defeated Santa Barbara City college 1-0, extending their overall record 5-3. ELAC’s next game is on saturday at Southwestern college at noon. CN/Stephanie Guevara

By Austin Vincent

Simple mistakes caused softball to lose its first home game against Antelope Valley College 7-3.
In the fifth inning, freshman pitcher Serena Lopez walked a player with one out.

Freshman first baseman Pua Johnson dropped a fly ball and turned the game around allowing Antelope Valley to score and keep the lead in their possession.

Sophomore Majisty Shomo came on to pitch with a runner on first and third base. She gave up a hit that helped Antelope Valley score and allowed runners to advance to first and second base. The scare was 5-3.

After the bases were loaded Shomo threw another four pitch that walked Antelope Valley to increase the score 6-3.Because of Antelope Valley’s lead she was subbed out for Lopez.

“The plus side was our pitcher Serena Lopez pitched an outstanding game,” said head coach Erika Blanco.The huskies have played some of the top 10 teams in the conference which made their record 0-3. Record is now 0-4 after the loss to Antelope Valley.

Lopez pitched fly balls to get three quick outs. The defense was alert and active on the field. Erin Recillas and Jennifer Riveia hit doubles on ground balls.With players on second and third base, Johnson hit two runs batted in off of a deep ball to the outfield that was dropped by Antelope Valley’s right fielder. The Huskies went up to be first on the scoreboard 2-0.

The team kept the game tight and close on the defensive side in the earlier innings. “One through four was a good game.“The team needs to improve on keeping the energy throughout the seven innings,” said Castro.
Lopez started the bottom of the fourth inning. Husky sophomore shortstop Julie Granadeno was unable to get the out when she dove for a ground ball which tied the game 2-2.

Later in the seventh inning, Antelope Valley stole bases, got more hits and score the last runs of the game.
Elac has its next game tomorrow against Compton College at 3 p.m.

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